I Slipped While out Hiking

Me and some of my friend spent a week out on the Appalachian trail recently. It was really great except that on one day, the last day of the trip, it rained a torrent. Of course we were on a dangerous part of the trail. It was not where you would want to be in the middle of a storm like this. At any rate we were trying to get to level ground and I slipped. It was not that big of a deal to me, beyond the mud. A chiropractor in Cumming GA had to fix my back though, because when I tried to get up out of the bed the next day it was just a real ordeal. I guess that it stiffened up in the night, from not moving around. I had to slowly get used to moving around and then I tried a heating pad and a really hot shower. After a bit of time it started to get loose, but I ended up late for work by that time. It was not any fun working either, because any time I stay still for too long that caused it to get stiff again.

After doing some homework I began to realize that a chiropractor was probably the only thing that would work. I could have tried acupuncture I guess, but that seems a little bit out of the box to me. At any rate I knew that a doctor is not going to do much for me, they would pretend to do stuff so that they could charge me. Then after it was all over they would just give me a prescription for some pain pills. Obviously that does nothing to solve the underlying problem, you just cover it up with something that impairs your ability to function.